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The Juliet Collection: EP Atelier and Amtrend collaborated to unveil the Juliet Collection with an unparalleled booth experience at HD Expo 2024.

Hospitality Product Development

Our product development process is driven by a comprehensive approach that considers multiple critical factors, including business goals, market trends, user behavior, and societal impacts. We aim to create solutions, not just products. Our designs are informed by thorough research and contextual insights, resulting in a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. This ensures that each product is visually appealing, robust in performance, and precisely suited to its purpose. By integrating these elements, we produce products that not only satisfy market needs but also enhance the overall user experience.


In the realm of product design, inspiration can be drawn from countless sources, each contributing unique insights and ideas. Nature, art, architecture, and even everyday experiences serve as fertile grounds for creativity, offering endless possibilities for innovative design.

For example, the Juliet Collection embodies the essence of the Juliet Rose, featuring organic shapes and fluid lines that reflect the flower’s natural grace and elegant contours. This collection demonstrates how thoughtful inspiration from nature can lead to designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust, seamlessly blending beauty and practicality.

hospitality interior design
Juliet Rose Sketches scaled


During the sketching process, intricate drawings breathe life into our product design concepts. Every detail is meticulously crafted, allowing our designers to visualize and refine each piece as needed. This stage is crucial, serving as the foundation upon which the design is approved and shop drawings proceed.

By investing time and effort into detailed sketches and renderings, we ensure that every aspect of the product is thoughtfully considered. This attention to detail guarantees that the final product not only meets our high standards of quality and aesthetics but also embodies the original creative vision.


Collaborating closely with the manufacturer’s factory, we transform raw materials into exquisite furniture. Each project begins with reviewed and approved shop drawings, followed by a careful selection of high-quality materials, which are then handed over to the factory’s skilled artisans. These craftsmen meticulously shape and assemble the components, ensuring that every detail is perfected from the initial cut to the final finish.

We maintain rigorous oversight throughout the entire prototyping process by conducting frequent site visits to the factory. This close partnership with the manufacturer guarantees that the final prototype not only meets but exceeds our expectations, embodying both our design vision and commitment to excellence.

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Juliet Rose Final scaled

Final Production

Once the prototype is perfected, we move into the final production phase. During this stage, the factory scales up the processes developed during prototyping to produce the full run of the product. Our team remains actively involved, ensuring that each piece maintains the same level of craftsmanship and quality as the prototype. 

Additionally, we ensure that all feedback received and insights gained from the prototypes are revised and incorporated into the final production, continuously improving our products to meet and exceed customer expectations.