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Intended for clients with small to large scale commercial projects who are looking to hire EP Atelier to design and execute their job from start to finish. Full service design is best suited for construction projects where EP Atelier is managing all aspects of the design process for the majority or totality of a project. 

Luxury Residential

 Interior Design


We will lead you through and manage every step of your residential design project, from clarifying your vision to implementing final touches on your space. By closely collaborating throughout the process and maintaining steady communication for the project’s duration, we’ll create a room, space, or entire home that is tailored to you.

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After over 12 years at the top architecture firms specializing in sports venues & facilities and hospitality projects, Edith had the opportunity to spearhead design efforts as Design Director impacting sports venue interiors for Gensler Sports.  She valued a creative, team-based process and has learned the importance of strong client relations and clear design ideas based on cross disciplinary collaboration.


Edith led the interior design of the following notable projects during her time at Gensler Sports: Banc of California Stadium, Los Angeles Football Club Training Facility, Chase Center Arena, Q2 Stadium, and Snapdragon Stadium.


Now Edith has branched out to create a hospitality lifestyle interior design practice, EP Atelier.  Their mission is to approach each project with a holistic vision and commit to designing spaces that are a true reflection of the clients’ values. They are capable of assisting and facilitating projects from initial concept to completion.




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