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The New Nissan Stadium: EP Atelier is the Interior Design Consultant in partnership with MANICA as the Lead Design Architect and TVS Design as the Architect of Record.

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 Hospitality Lifestyle Interior Design

At EP Atelier, we’re passionately dedicated to crafting interiors that not only captivate the eye but also authentically represent our clients’ personalities and lifestyles. Our straightforward mission is to transform your design aspirations into a living, tangible reality. Guided by careful listening and collaborative dialogue with our clients, we meticulously navigate each step of the design process until the final outcome not only meets but exceeds expectations. Adding to our commitment to excellence, we take immense pride in our diverse team and leadership, which have earned us official certification as a Minority Business Enterprise.

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Hospitality Interior Design

Intended for clients with commercial projects ranging from small to large scale, our team is primed to take on the design and execution from start to finish. This full-service design approach is especially suited for construction undertakings where we manage the majority or entirety of the design process. Our expertise, merging creativity with functionality, transforms spaces such as boutique hotels, upscale restaurants, and innovative sports arenas into immersive experiences. Every facet is fine-tuned to create an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. Through our dedication and passion, we breathe life into spaces, turning them into masterpieces of design and ambiance.

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At the core of our product development process lies a holistic approach, encompassing an array of crucial factors—from business objectives and market dynamics to user behavior and broader societal implications. It’s not just about creating a product; it’s about crafting solutions. Grounded in comprehensive research and contextual understanding, our designs serve as a seamless blend of aesthetics and utility, ensuring each product is not only visually compelling but also functionally robust and effectively tailored to its intended application. By harmonizing these elements, we deliver products that not only meet market demands but also add genuine value to the user experience.

Vacation Rental Interior Design

Our tailored vacation rental interior design service is committed to elevating the guest experience, driving up bookings, and garnering glowing reviews. Recognizing the potent influence of design on visitor satisfaction, we work intimately with you to capture your unique vision and bring it to life. Backed by a rich history in the hospitality sector, we employ the use of premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your property distinguishes itself in a crowded marketplace. Whether you’re contemplating a complete overhaul or simply seeking a refreshing update, our seasoned expertise is at your service. Trust us to transform your vacation rental into a space that not only meets but transcends expectations, setting a new benchmark in rental interior design.

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Luxury Residential Interior Design

We are fully dedicated to managing every fine detail of your residential design project, from shaping your initial vision to adding those last, finishing touches. Working closely with you, we foster an atmosphere of transparent communication and teamwork, making sure each phase of the design process is in harmony with your goals. Our goal is to make the entire experience not just fruitful, but also enjoyable, turning your living areas into an authentic representation of your unique personality and way of life. By merging aesthetics, practicality, and custom elements, we craft homes that are not only visually appealing but also deeply meaningful to those who live in them.


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